About Our Why

Midlife is no joke!

Women need other women for support, wisdom, shared stories, and encouragement to move forward into the marvelous freedom in the next chapter. We have the much NEEDED conversations in order to BLOOM.

In community, we are BETTER TOGETHER.

It all started with a conversation during the hardest year ever. Through friendship, lots of phone calls, texts, and yes, even Zoom — filled with both laughter and tears as well as a shared passion to help other women bloom towards FREEDOM into the best versions of themselves.

Isolation, loneliness, hormonal and mood changes, sleep issues, relationship challenges (affairs, divorce and numbing/self-medicating), depression, anxiety, brain fog, and 30 more symptoms describe the challenges of perimenopause.

Ready or not, the journey is on!

The good news is that there are women committed to helping provide information and support in order to create positive and lasting results for our health and happiness for the next 30-50 years!

As a wife in military (to a now retired Marine of over 26 years, I spent my adult life cultivating relationships, building up and bringing women together, while moving every 2-3 years. As we each continue on our own individual journeys, we wanted to create a private, safe and engaging community where women can make real connections with other women to develop friendships and help each other transform into the best versions of ourselves- rising up out of the ashes into the beauty of the jubilant discovery - our true selves, own own identity, mission, purpose, and more!

Women support each other through so many triumphs and hardships. Now, it is time for us to help other women by sharing our experiences.

Get to know us, but more importantly, let us get to know you by joining our membership community of women.

Shoulder to shoulder, we want to walk this path with you. There is enough room at the table to collaborate, share, and cheer each other on.

Let's move ONWARD and UPWARD!

We Stand

For Authenticity

Let’s have real conversations with each other. We want to create a safe and inclusive community for midlife women to connect, feel supported, and grow friendships. Showing up as our authentic selves is essential for our growth and for finding joy together.

Our Ethics

Center on Integrity

Truth and honesty are at the core of who we are and how we show up in the world. We share core principles of honoring and respecting each other in our individual journeys. Our commitment to this community is to provide nonjudgmental, encouraging support, and vetted resources for help through the years of midlife and beyond.

We Believe

In the Power of Community

Connection is vital to growth and happiness. As military spouses, we have been involved in very supportive and nurturing communities of women. We know how community can positively impact lives. Please join us as we create something magical inside our membership site at Community Bloom.

More About the Founder

Hillary Baggett

CEO and Founder Women's Midlife Network and HillTalks Podcast

My greatest passion is to help others: with their body, mind, spirit or business.

With a driving foundation based on faith, family and friends; I love connecting people in their zone of genius to best serve others. I am also a lifelong learner.

I like outdoor adventures, care about sustainability and the environment, enjoy musicals, international travel and creative problem-solving.

For me, this spells F-U-N.

Integrity and honesty are paramount in everything I say and do.

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