Anonymous Letters

Write, Release, Move Forward

  • What letter might you write or wish to receive?
  • Who would you write to or want it from? Now is your chance!
  • Writing has the power to release the hurts locked inside us, heal us from the pain caused by someone else, a past event, or cumulative stress.

Share your letters and choose to remain anonymous or to give us permission to publish, and have a positive ripple effect to say the words someone else may also need to hear in order to begin their personal healing process.

Our Goal

To share YOUR stories, from women all over the world through letters of hardship, gratitude, heartache, and triumph.

Writing has the potential for significant healing power.

When we speak our truth, we can make meaningful connections.

We believe that our collective truth and wisdom can help heal each other.

Help us to create a positive ripple effect in the world.

Write a letter to someone from your past, to future generations, or simply share your wisdom, struggles, and move forward.

We want to hear from you.

Future Letters will be posted here

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